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01. Coir twine
02. Ekel
03. Brush Fiber
04. Coir Brushes
05. Coconut Spoons
06. Wooden Food Bowls
07. Wooden fish
08. Wire door matts
09. Copra & Fresh coconut
10. Geotextile
11. Twisted Fiber
12. Coco Peat
12. Desiccated Coconut
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Dynamic International
No.398C, Gunasekara Mawatha
Sri Lanka.
Main office : 0094-11-2401495
Mobile : 0094-71-8562802
E mail : [email protected]
NAME OF THE COMPANY : Dynamic International
LEGAL FORM : Private Company engaged in Manufacturing & Trading.
REGISTERED OFFICE : No.398C, Gunasekara Mawatha
Sri Lanka.
AUDITORS : Sethunga & Cooray Associates
MAIN BANKERS : Hatton National Bank Plc
City Office
16, Janadhipathi Mawatha
Colombo 01.
TELEPHONE : Main Office 0094-11-2401495
Mobile 0094-71-8562802
FAX : no fax can we have the skype no ()
E MAIL : [email protected]
[email protected]
NATURE OF BUSINESS : Manufacturing and trading coir affiliated products, handy crafts, decorative products etc.
PRODUCTION FACILITIES : Production centres are located in the Coconut Triangle area and done on a cottage industry level.
PRODUCTION CAPACITY : 4000 – 5000 pieces depending on the article.
PRODUCTION CATAGOEIS : Coir twine, Ekle, Bristle Fibre, Tawashi Brushes. Coconut Spoons, Chop Wooden Food Bowls, Washable Coconut Shells, Wooden fish, Wire door matts, Fresh coconut
FUTURE PLANS : Enhance the product range and explore new export markets for Geo Textile, Coir Brushes, Compressed, Fibre Pith, Compressed Husk Chips, Copra etc. Etc.
EXPORT MARKETS : Currently exporting to countries like, Thailand, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Maldives & U.K.
Dynamic International came in to life in year 2009 as a result to expand the business which has been success in trading, mainly coir affiliated products. Dynamic International explore the overseas market with a wider range in other products like, handy craft, Wooden Bowls , Core twine, Tawashi Brushes and Coconut Spoons etc.

Company’s main objective is to promote the local cottage industry with quality products and enter into export arena in a most successful way, by satisfying all concerns.

We are a committed company in the business. Our co-operation and co-ordination was always our plus point and with our transparency, integrity, and discipline we hope to conquer the export market in the near future.
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