Desiccated Coconut
Mostly used as a filter in the cofetionary industry. Sri Lankan desiccated coconut has a unique taste and colour against the other origins.
1.1 General
  Desiccated coconut is manufactured from natural coconuts under good hygienic condition as follow Quality System, Quality Assurance procedure
1.2 Physical Specification
  1.2.1 Appearance
  The color of desiccated coconut shall be natural white and shall for all grades not be greater than 0.2 Red, 0.7 Yellow , 0.1 Blue on the LoBiondo Tint Scale.
  1.2.2 Taste and Smell
  The taste and smell of desiccated coconut shall be sweet and pleasant. It shall be free cheesy, Smokey, soapy, sour or other undesirable flavors.
  1.2.3 Extraneous matter
  Desiccated coconut shall be free from extraneous matter
  1.2.4 Parings
  Not exceeding 5 particles per 100 particles drawn at random
  1.2.5 Particle Size
  Grade Test sieve Percent by mass Fine grade 1.68 mm 100% passes through 1.40 mm not more than 15% remains on Medium Grade 2.80 mm 100% passes through 2.00 mm Not more than15% remains on 1.40 mm Not more than 15% passes through 1.00 mm Not more than 2.5% passes through
  1.2.6- Chemical Specification
  a) Moisture percent by mass maximum 2.8% in fine
b) Moisture percent by mass maximum 3 % in Medium
  1.2.7 Oil content in all grades percent by mass not less than 68%
  1.2.8 Free fatty acid as lauric acid percent by mass not more than 0.3%
2 Microbiological Specifications
  2.1 Aerobic plate Count
  Less than 5000 after 48 hours at 37F per gram but CDA reports indicate below 1000. Tested in accordance with the method described in SLS 516 part 1
  2.2 Salmonella
  Negative for Salmonella when tested in accordance with the method described in SLS 516 part 5
  2.3 Escherichia coli
  Negative the E. Coli tested in accordance with the method described in SLS 5 16 part
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